Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smoking and Stress - Does it Help? You Need to Get a Handle On Pain

Ask a smoker why they smoke, and an almost universal reply will be that it helps them to deal with stress. Think about this: If your toddler is crying for a toy how will you react? You could give him the toy, leave him to his tantrum, or give him some drugs to help him calm down. If your child is anxious about the first day of school you could calm him with a heartfelt talk and reassurance. Or you could give him drugs.

Of course you would never try to calm a child with drugs, so what makes a smoker think that a cigarette is going to help with stress? Anxiety is part of every developmental and growth stage. When we grow physically, emotionally, academically or spiritually, anxiety is something we all have to come to grips with. These growing stages are not a burden; they are a part of life. We all have feelings of anxiety, sadness or fear at these junctures. But we learn to overcome them with a healthy attitude, and accept the growth changes as the blessing they are. Growth is critical to our success and happiness.

We would never introduce a child to smoking to deal with these situations. So how can smoking be a relief for us? Smoking and stress? I can't see any relief there.

Addicted smokers are good at coming up with excuses to smoke. When they feel lonely, anxious or depressed, they need a cigarette. They also say that a social event is more fun if they can smoke. Wait a minute, you want a cigarette when you are happy and when you are sad? This begins to sound like the addiction talking, not the real need for a cigarette.

Many women complain that if they quit smoking they will gain a great deal of weight. I guess it is very considerate of them that they want to be a light-weight corpse, easier to find pall bearers that way. If you want to quit smoking today, Click Here now for a program that has a 98% success rate. One that will help you with your addiction immediately.

Very few smokers will deny that smoking causes injury to their health. So they find excuses to indulge in their addiction. The root of these false excuses is the addiction to nicotine.

When you quit smoking it is very easy to see that smoking only harms you. It never helps to overcome stress. It only brings on unhealthiness and disease. Remember, smoking kills! It may not be today, but the chances that you will die from a smoking related disease is very high. There may be times after you've quit that the temptation to smoke feels overwhelming. At these times it is very important to remember that smoking will not help your problems, cigarettes can only harm.

By taking a few quiet moments to reflect, you can avoid making the mistake of restarting your addiction. Smoking doesn't relieve stress, it adds to it.

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